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Full Version: Consumable “Ammo”
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GEM is a trading game with many commodities, many of which have few uses other than buy from here and deliver to there.

I propose a new class of craft able, consumable item that is used to supplement the PVP experience.  

I believe there should be 3 general classes of item
    1.  Offense (special PVP bullets that require a mod slot for the "launcher")
           a.  This ammo also consumes cargo space (i.e. 10 emp charges per 1 cargo slot)
    2. Defense (evasive "run away" or defense effects "armor repair or shield")
           a.  requires cargo space
    3. Special (trapped cargo, etc)
           a.  requires cargo space

The white tier 100 level versions of the items can be purchased at various locations throughout GEM space if you meet the requirements to purchase them.
    1.  Requirements
          a.  level?
          b.  rep?
          c.  other?
    2.  Some special tier 100 items can only be crafted and won't be sold at locations
          a.  special requirements need to be met to unlock these items for crafting.

Once you have been able to acquire the 100 level items you will be able to go to the engineering section and craft higher tier items from the tier 100 you have in inventory.
      1.  Requirements
           a.  Appropriate player level to equip the higher tier
           b.  Appropriate Co-pilot to perform the upgrade?
           c.  Appropriate ingredients to craft the item
                    i. i.e. 10 (tier 100) trapped cargo items + 20 mining grenades + 10 acetylene tanks+ 10 sensor packs + 10 tier II mod components = 10 Tier 200 trap