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  NL5: Crons, crons, crons
Posted by: Noresist - 10-20-2021, 05:06 PM - Forum: Development Diary - No Replies

Greetings, pilots.

Project cron-rewrite rages on. Septimus and I continue to work through the cron scripts. Additionally, I'm currently setting up a stand-alone copy of Gem for testing these new crons and scripts. Once we're done and confirming that things are properly working, we'll load test the server and then switch everyone over. 

And to answer your question before I get a hundred pings, no, I do not currently need testers in the testing server Wink

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  Sealed weapon port 1 requires intel
Posted by: Starcore - 10-14-2021, 09:42 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Sealed weapon port 1 seems to require intel to purchase, but does not list it anywhere in the purchase details

[Image: unknown.png]

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  NL4: Gem goes Git
Posted by: Noresist - 10-13-2021, 06:23 PM - Forum: Development Diary - No Replies

Greetings, pilots.

Apologies for the late entry this week, but I've been up to my eyes in database queries. Septimus has been helping me audit the cron jobs and mySQL queries that power so much of the back end of Gem and we've discovered that they are basically a rat's nest of terror that needs to be massively optimized. We're currently tackling the 1 minute crons and to make things more orderly and speedy.

Part of the process is moving the crons (for now) into Github. Once we're done with the crons scripts, I'll be moving the rest of Gem into GitHub. I know this isn't really exciting for you end users, BUT it will help make development and bug management MUCH more streamlined in the future, and allow contributors to help develop Gem as well. 

That's all for now...back to the crons.

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  Gemini Times (10/5/2021)
Posted by: Boba Fett - 10-05-2021, 04:14 AM - Forum: News - No Replies

Gemini Times
The Hunt for Galactic Fragments is Going Wild!
Players from all over gem are racing to collect these Galactic Fragments. Multiple players have confirmed that they not only have the first fragment, but the second one as well. It seems that once someone figures out how to get a fragment the secret travels amazingly fast. However, even with the speed of these secrets, Noresist has been remarkably quiet. The only clue he has given is: "Ilnpu ha aol zahyz". This translates to, "begin at the start" (translation provided by Lancer). Even with Noresist's tight lips, rumor has it that there is a connection between the first of these fragments and the race called the 24. Any new developments will be covered in issues to come.
Now Hiring!!!
The Gemini Times is looking to hire writers on a part time basis!
Starting pay is $25k-500K per submission depending on length and quality of work!
Just because you submit a story does not mean it will make the paper.
As the owner of Gemini Times I reserve the write to edit/change parts of your submission (once you have been payed).
All credit for stories will go to original writer with the note of original story idea next to ones I feel the need to edit heavily.
Interview With Danse Macabre the First Player to Complete the 24!!!
Q) How does it feel to be the first player to complete the 24?
A) It feels like cheating. Veronika can only do it in about 16 and it took me 12.
Q) What would you do to improve your time on a second run?
A) Get someone to hack boosts. "Scouts like double your speed" -Skye

Q) For lower level players, what advise do you have for completing the 24?
A) Same thing as above: get higher level players to boost you, loan you a Sedna drive, or pull an all nighter draining every drone in sight.
Q) Do you have anything to say about possible connections between the 24 and the Galactic Fragments?
A) Yes! I personally believe that in the second line of the opening statement about mighty deeds. To find all 12 fragments. It requires a feat. The 24 is one of them.
 Your Add Here!!!
Just $10k or 100 intel! 
Space Weather Report:
  • In all lanes: Swarms of space moths continue to plague the system draining pilots engines. We suggest the use of moth traps at all times.
  • Neptune lane: Neptune lane has failed to send in any information. Had to do with their sensor strength being too low or a monster in the hanger bay not sure.
  • Eris: Eris is colder than last time we checked. A ship froze to the hanger and could not leave until it was broken out of the ice.  
  • Mercury: Mercury is warm. Looking at a few ships being hacked to a stop. We still suggest the use of 2,000 heat rating and some hacking mods unless you feel Goat's Luck.
  • Mars: the Dust storms seem to have passed but remain cautious as they could return with out warning. 
  • Earth: I forgot is it a new ice age or global warming? Both? Oh, and in 50 years the planet will be ruined, so everyone listen to those people who say they will fix it!!!
  • Sedna: "Hello. Welcome to the Sedna Research Station. My name is Vincint. I have been programmed for hospitality." This is all we could get him to say. [shrug]
  • Jupiter: Some one disabled all our communications with Jupiter. Something about a person named "Matilda" saying we are not welcome. we hope to have the issue resolved soon.  

October Story Time!
For the month of October I will be accepting Gem/spooky/campfire/fall stories. 
The first of these stories is from journalist for the Gemini News Pilot Shark.
They say in these spacelanes,
There use to be an item.
It went about its business like all items do.
But one day, dev man was not happy.
There were useless items that were repeats.
So he struck down the useless item! He thought it was gone forever, but he hadn't killed the item Completely. 
Its stats and picture were gone, but the empty husk remained to haunt Nor for the rest of eternity. 
Bounty Board!
Target: Virad (60)
Lister: eskeemoo
Price: $100,000 

Reason: !

Target: Virad (60)
Lister: Anonymous
Price: $1
Reason: Pile on!

Target: Noresist (60)
Lister: Anonymous
Price: $0 x10

Target: Raz (25)
Lister: Anonymous
Price: $1
Reason: testificate

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  NL3: The Carrot
Posted by: Noresist - 10-04-2021, 07:23 PM - Forum: Development Diary - No Replies

Greetings, pilots.

Over the weekend I went camping with my family. No cell phone, no computer, no pings Wink 

While enjoying being thoroughly unplugged, I got hit with inspiration for a new game mechanic. I was so undistracted by things that the entire thing came together in my head in less than an hour. I'm not going to announce it yet because I want it to be a pure surprise. It's possibly the most excited I've ever been about a game mechanic. But here's the thing. I REALLY want to make this mechanic. But I'm not going to yet. This is now the carrot that will help me get through a other, more pressing items that are on the list. I'll detail them below so you can see what I'm actively working to get through:

  1. Rando bugs - There are several random bugs that need to be addressed, specifically a few Outlands-related ones. 
  2. Lag - After some back and forth with Septimus and another friend of mine who is a server admin...Cav...it's been concluded that the bulk of the in-game lag has come from mySQL queries that not optimized now that Gem has become a large-scale system. I'm now in the process of reworking several config files of queries to optimize them for large-scale. A big part of that is reworking the ship stat display system...you might have noticed some lag when loading the main ship page, that's because there are many queries querying queries and calculating that occurs on that page and lags page loading time. The lag is especially long when you load a page in time with the 60 second cron job. I'm working on scaling down the queries in the cron as well, to help speed things up.
  3. Datapad - This is going to be a cool feature. It serves two purposes:
         3.1. First of all it will allow pilots to manage their guild, facilities, drones, etc. All from a page that overlays over your main ship screen. It'll give you a more immersive experience rather than just visiting the "drone page" you'll be on your bridge managing your drones. Cool stuff. The beta version is amazing and all I want to do is play with my drones instead of coding.

         3.2. In addition to just being a cool UI element, the datapad cuts down on a lot of unnecessary loading. Instead of having to reinitialize the chat system and the footer scripts, and the main header with each load, the datapad just loads the elements necessary for that page.

I'll be going through each page of the game and identifying sources of lag, optimizing the queries, and then moving on. I know that the ship page and mod install pages all have the worst load times, so I'll be focusing on those. Feel free to comment on what other pages should receive top-tier help too.

Once the lag issue has been resolved, the datapad is live, and the bugs have been squashed, we can talk more about the carrot. 

That's it for now, as always, thanks for playing, and for helping make Gemini Station great!

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  Gemini Times 9/27/2021 (First Issue!!!)
Posted by: Boba Fett - 09-27-2021, 02:22 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

Gemini Times
Goats Luck Strikes Again!
On Thursday, September 23, 2021 12 PM (GEM server time) the pilot known as Goat beat the odds safely leaving Neptune with bellow 20 sensor rating. The Brave and skillful pilot managed this astounding feat without loosing any cargo or getting a single scratch to his ship. This is not the first time Goat has faced long odd though. A few months ago, he successfully left mercury with less than 2000 heat rating, first try! This has earned Goat a special place in lore, with the phrase "Goat's Luck" even being added to the in game wiki. 
Weather and Climate Report:
  • In all lanes: Swarms of space moths continue to plague the system draining pilots engines. 
  • Neptune lane: Neptune lane is experiencing the normal navigation computer failures. It is recommended that all pilots use 20 sensor rating or more when flying to Neptune. 
  • Eris: Eris is cold. The thermometers froze so we don't know exactly how cold, but don't go outside without protective gear.
  • Mercury: Mercury is Hot. We still suggest the use of 2,000 heat rating unless you feel you have Goat's Luck.
  • Mars: We are seeing some large dust storms forming on Mars! It is advised that everyone in high risk areas stay on high alert. These storms can form with very little warning. 
  • Earth: Earth looks like it is within normal parameters (rain, sun, clouds, storms, climate continues to change while people panic about it, and that stuff). 
  • Sedna: No reliable information has been able to be collected about anything from Sedna, much less what the weather there is like.
  • Jupiter: Kind of gassy. fair weather overall though. 

Just $25k or 250 intel!

Why I am Starting a New Paper!
When I (Boba Fett) read the first issue of Gemini News I thought it was the best thing ever! I quickly joined a group of players who all shared my love for the paper hoping to add some of our own stories and ideas to the paper. However, before long the Gemini News ground to a slow halt. We all waited for Gemini News to gain some momentum again, but it eventually became clear to me that it was dead. Now, I am starting my own paper called the Gemini Times. I promise at least one issue a month and up to one a week. Special Breaking news editions will be produced when necessary.
Interviews Coming Soon!
I hope to interview some of the fastest pilots in the universe!!! Next issue I hope to interview pilots like Danse Macabre (The first player to complete the 24!), and Squid (The fastest pilot in the verse? Find out next issue!). 
Now Hiring!!!
The Gemini Times is looking to hire writers on a part time basis!
Starting pay is $25k-500K depending on length and quality of work!
Just because you submit a story does not mean it will make the paper.
As the owner of Gemini Times I reserve the write to edit/change parts of your submission (once you have been payed).
All credit for stories will go to original writer with the note of original story idea next to ones I feel the need to edit heavily.

Bounty Board
Target: Boba Fett (60)
Lister: Anonymous
Price: $1
Reason: Got a shard before me
Target: Noresist (60)
Lister: Anonymous
Price: $1
Reason: For making a freaking great game!
Target: Son of Fudd (32)
Lister: Overlord09
Price: $0
Reason: *rolls dice*

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  NL2: Player Retention & Travel Updates
Posted by: Noresist - 09-27-2021, 01:47 PM - Forum: Development Diary - Replies (3)

Greetings, pilots. 

I've been getting a ton of feedback regarding the travels system update in 4.0. The feedback has been hilariously consistent.
To summarize: "Changing from time to distance is cool, but now traveling is super boring."

I'm thinking I might have a solutions that will help active players feel like they're not stuck in space forever. First let me give you a general overview of the travel mechanic:

Each ship has a base speed. The typical base speed is 50m/min. Every minute a script fires and updates the location of ships that are traveling. Their position in space increases by their current speed. When you drain a ship, your speed increases, then after that minute script fires, your position increases again by your new speed, and so on until you reach your destination. 

I'm proposing––based on feedback I've received, and a way to 'reward' active players––to have your ship's location updated every time you drain a NPC, player drone, or another player's ship. The lore explanation being when you drain a ship, your engines get a boost and you surge forward. This would allow players who are wanting to be active and actually do things to actively travel to locations after, hopefully retaining engagement. A player's travel would be limited by their E/P still.

I'll add a poll to see how people feel about this proposed update. 

The datapad feature is coming along, I'm almost done with the user drone management page, which is the largest and most complex page. I've noticed a considerable decrease in lag while using the datapad and managing drones feels a lot more immersive since you're still on the ship page. Once the datapad is done and confirmed working, I'll open it up for pilots to test and use. Once it's bug-free, I'll roll it out both to the ship page and every other page, so you can access the datapad from any location too.

Sisters  - Pt. 2 being written
High Hopes  - Pt. 7 Outline nearing completion
Hero of the Great War  - Outline nearing completion
Darkness in the Night - Writing is 50% done. Outline is 75% done.

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  NL1: Post New Worlds & The War on Lag
Posted by: Noresist - 09-20-2021, 01:40 PM - Forum: Development Diary - No Replies

Greetings, pilots. To help maintain my sanity, my Gem dev typically consists of a balance of three things: squashing bugs, writing lore, developing a new mechanic.

With the launch of 4.0 New Worlds, there have been a great many bugs. This is largely due to the fact that several major systems were overhauled (travel & fabrication) as a result, my bug time has been in high-gear. Travel and fabrication were soooo overhauled that it kind of feels like the old v1.0 launch days. But I think we're getting in in a good place––the ETA timer is still a tad funky, and I'm tempted to get rid of it since the distance indicator shows where you are, but we'll see about that. 

The Kickstarter campaign provided funds to have several new characters drawn. Two, new rising stars in Gem's lore are Dominique and Veronika, twin sisters who are opposites in nearly every facet of the word. They're featured in a new story arc coincidentally called: "Sisters". Sisters Pt. 1 was released the week of 9/13 and I'll be done writing Pt. 2 in the next week or so. 

High Hopes
Additionally, I'm working on High Hopes Pt. 7. Last time we saw Skye things started to get...well...a little out of hand (Matilda agrees). We'll see if she can pull it together in Pt. 7. 
Hero of the Great War 
The end of Look into my Eye Pt. 2 introduced a new character to us, and this new story will explore him. 

Gem has grown...like... a lot, and with that, some mechanics have shown to become sluggish and laggy. In an effort to help speed up gameplay and reduce lag, I'm doing a few things.
1. Working with Septimus, who has some experience in database optimization, we're looking into make the queries more efficient. 
2. Datapad. In an effort to reduce the load time, I'm working on a datapad that will load only select elements that are needed, so when you manage your drones, for example, only the code relevant to the drone page will load, rather than reloading the whole page with the core system script, chat, etc. 
Here's a screen shot showing it in action:     

That's it for now, as always, thanks for playing, and for helping make Gemini Station great!

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  Welcome to Nor's Log
Posted by: Noresist - 09-20-2021, 12:49 PM - Forum: Development Diary - No Replies

To give you a glimpse into my world as the sole developer of Gem, between pings, tickets, emails, in-game messages, and forum mail, I get about 100 messages every day. On one hand, it's awesome that so many people are excited about Gem and have ideas, feedback, and bugs to report, on the other hand, responding to messages across so many channels takes a ton of time, and between deving Gem, my real job (which is full time!), and my family, I have to be efficient with how I spend my time. 

One question I get a lot is, "What are you working on next?". So, in an effort to keep the maximum number of people informed on what I'm doing, I'm going to start posting development diaries here on the forum. I'll be sharing links to the post in our Discord server and our social media channels so make sure you're plugged in to those if you want updates. 

I'm going to make a point to post at least once a week. 

And because I can't create anything and not name it, I'm calling these developer updates Nor's Log and will be numbering them NL1, NL2, etc. So stay tuned for NL1. 

Carry on, pilots.

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Rainbow Selling Fighter
Posted by: [email protected] - 09-10-2021, 06:56 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Dodgy Hello Norist.

What happened?
I sold my heavy fighter in the hangar and the program told me I got 2,5 mil for it.
But instead of getting the 2,5 mil it took 20 mil. of my account.told you already 
Uhm now I am hoping you can refund 22,5 mil to my account...
I told you already in the Discord chat about it.
Thanks for your effort and time.

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