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Trade XP System Update
Trading S becomes useless (with 80 cargo S now mars-eris 35 / 40min. Gain 2500xp, after 320). At this point it becomes mandatory to trade M between Earth-Mars at 800xp per trip, but with almost zero gains (oddity of the game, you earn + with S, that M- L-XL) and especially with reduced travel = hassle to stay behind the I always play.
I always do fewer fights, 100 energy = 10 fight for about 800xp but it takes much more time in front of the pc / phone than hacking where 1 click is enough. And if I change my travels from eris to terra-mars, I have no pirates to shoot down.
I know that most of the time, I will just log in and hack the planet I am on, waiting for future developments (I would have done it regardless of this update anyway)

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