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Supercharged Fuel cells/Merc Madness
Unless you are camped at the factory during this Merc Madness, you won't get a Fuel Cell. The 10 sell out usually within 30 seconds. In subsequent events, I'd like to see the Cells appear every 6 minutes, with the airlock cycle at 60 minutes. There would still be camping, but players who arrive more than a few seconds after the hour would still have a chance.

It would also make sense (to me) to limit characters lower than 10, 15, or maybe 20, to one purchase per day. It would require another table of code, but it's too easy to decide to park a level 5 or 10 to make 24/7 attempts at the Cells. I know there is at least one level 30+ parked on Mercury now.
I like the idea of cycling the airlock for a longer period of time. I think staggering cells would be a solid idea too. I'll look into the code for that for the next event.

Restricting the number of purchase by level isn't terribly hard to do either.

Great idea!
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