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A Game of Chess
[font=Helvetica, serif]Title: Game of Chess
Faction: Gemini Station
[font=Helvetica, serif]Min Level: 20[/font]

[font=Helvetica, serif][incoming message from Ganther] Pilot, drop by and come see me at the Pinnacle whenever you’re in the neighborhood! [/font]

[font=Helvetica, serif]Travel to Gemini Station and meet Ganther at the Pinnacle[/font]

[font=Helvetica, serif]G[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]Thank you for coming, Pilot. Because I have so much work around here, I have a personal request.[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]What is it, Gather?[/font]

[font=Helvetica, serif]G[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]Do you know a strategic game called chess?[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]Yes, I remember playing it in flight school. Why? Do you want to play a game of chess?[/font]

[font=Helvetica, serif]G[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]I would, indeed. But I don’t like playing it on e-screens – I prefer the old-fashioned feel of handling actual pieces on a real board. [/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]I understand. But why do you need me?[/font]

[font=Helvetica, serif]G[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]I want to make my own unique board and pieces. But in order to do that I require high quality hand picked materials. So would you mind doing a bit of shopping if I provided you with a shopping list? I’ll make it worth your while…[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]Why not? It’ll make a nice change from the daily trading.[/font]

[font=Helvetica, serif][Ganther hands you a list][/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]Here, that should do it. Do you need money upfront?[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]No, thanks. I don’t think it will be that expensive. You can pay me on delivery![/font]

  • [font=Helvetica, serif]Buy 1 large board of fossilized exotic rain-forest wood on Earth (20K)[/font]
  • [font=Helvetica, serif]Buy 1 large board of fossilized polar wood on Mars (25K)[/font]
  • [font=Helvetica, serif]Buy 32 squares of Mercurian molten lava (16K) for the white squares[/font]
  • [font=Helvetica, serif]Buy 32 squares of Jovian slices of the Great Red Spot (18K) for the dark squares[/font]
Go to Eris and talk to Suros.

[font=Helvetica, serif]Suros[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]Hey Pilot, it’s been a while. You being here can only mean one thing: you’re in need to a residential genius to make you something. So what is it this time?[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]Sorry to disturb you, Suros. But Ganther would like 32 small customized robotic chess pieces.[/font]

[font=Helvetica, serif]S[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif][laughs out loud] Really? Why not? That’s something I can easily produce in 5 minutes. I’ll make them do some funny dances just to entertain good ol’ Gather. But it won’t be cheap, Pilot. 2000 a piece? Do we have a deal?[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]That’s not cheap. But deal![/font]
  • Buy 32 custom nanobot chess pieces from Suros (64K)
  • Buy 10 Tungsten plates and 10 Mining Grenades for final assembly
[font=Helvetica, serif]G[/font]
Thank you, Pilot. You’ve done me an incredible pleasure by delivering all this!
[font=Helvetica, serif]It was entirely my pleasure, Ganther.[/font]

And you assured yourself it was the highest quality materials you could find?
[font=Helvetica, serif]Of course, Ganther. You asked for the best quality, so I got you the best quality![/font]

[font=Helvetica, serif]G[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]Now let’s see how much I owe you… 192 for these, 8 thousand for those, … 8 thousand? Sorry, Pilot, but it’s been a while since I checked the market prices. Things seem to have become much more expensive than I expected. Tell you what: because you took the time to personally fulfill my order, will you accept 25… no, make that… 150 thousand credits?[/font]
Not really Ganther, I spent more than that!

You did? Lemme see… Aaah, yes, I think some items were quite exotic to begin with. Will 200 thousand suffice?
Thank you, Ganther. That’s very generous of you!
[font=Helvetica, serif]G[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]You deserved it, Pilot. And maybe one day we’ll both have enough spare time to play a game?[/font]
[font=Helvetica, serif]Sure, Ganther! Just say when![/font]

[font=Helvetica, serif]Reward: $200000[/font]
- Items are now all "S"
- thanks to Eden100 for making the list more "sensible"
- Rewrote the shopping list to include custom items.
4D 61 64 4D 61 6E 69 78
Oh that's a fun idea!
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