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[Guild] Camping During Search & Destroy Guild Wars
Not sure how active the forum is, but Discord didn't feel like quite the right place to put this and I felt like saying it after some discussion there earlier today.

On the topic of hiding planetside during an S&D war, if you're a lower level freighter (say, level 15) using the best weapon you can find for your level and you can't defeat an even lower level freighter with a sealed weapons port after trying four or five times (so it wasn't just bad rolls the first time), what are you really supposed to do with yourself? Maybe you can hack drain their shields enough times to make a difference and then attack. You need time to do that, however, which means you probably can't get it done in the Earth-Gem-Mars area, you need longer travel times, which puts you in a lane for more than half an hour given freighter speeds, making you a very conspicuous sitting duck for the higher level ships. So, to get maybe one or two victories over a ship similar to yours, you can be defeated many times by the high level ships in the lane.

Should a high level ship be able to obliterate a lower level one? Sure, that's one of the incentives to become a high level player. But as a low level ship, it's difficult to see how you're not just a liability in an S&D war. So, many decide to hide out on some planet, moi included.

This is my first S&D war, I'm relatively new to Gem in general, so I'd love to hear what other people have to say. Maybe I haven't thought this through all the way, you tell me.
Being low leveled is a liability if your guild is comprised of mostly higher leveled players. The flip side is pounding on low leveled players isn't as good as hitting higher leveled ones, and doesn't reward as many points on a successful defeat.
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S&D wars definitely still need some TLC. I don't think we need to totally scrap the player versus player component, or really even modify it all that much. It's still a blast to strap on some combat mods and go hunting, so definitely leave that element in. It's also perfectly valid for higher-level players to merc lower-level ones and lower-level players to hide out from the big guys. Nothing too strange there.

My thinking is to add drones to the equation. In addition to points awarded for killing players, maybe award some smaller point total for drone kills. This could be a way for a guild who's behind in points (and who's opponents have fled to the safety of a hangar) to not only continue to generate war points, but it might even coax the hiders back out into the lanes if the score gets close enough.

Having drones as war targets could also open up a "non-PVP" war/quest/event of sorts. Maybe a guild declares war on Earth or Mars and earns points based on how many drones they slag. Could also award rep, tokens, or other goodies.
The issue with adding that is it would be more like a war against the galaxy at large, at not against just the single other guild (adding player drones has its own issues). I still think it would be a cool idea as its own type of event, but not as an aspect of SnD wars. The reason I say it would is because it would turn SnD wars into another war that would require no player interaction at all to win, which I see as a complete loss.

I agree that SnD wars need some polish, but I don't think this would solve the camping issue. There is no negative to loosing a war, and as long as that persists there will be no motivation for campers to leave their worlds. That is why I would suggest adding a negative implication to loosing a war. Not only would this drive campers (Low leveled players who cannot fight are not campers) out of hiding, but it would turn wars from something that people just use offhandedly to gain GPs into something more serious.
Lancer, Pilot of The Silence

"I will not stop ranting until there is nothing to rant about"
I'm not opposed to adding drone attacks into the S&D matrix...that's not a terrible idea.

And to Lancer's point. Maybe you lose some GI if you lose a war?
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But adding drones will be useless if you add a penalty to loosing. It also doesn't make sense if you can attack other people to defeat a guild that has nothing to do with it. I have no issue with a system wide war, but adding drones to things will just make SnD wars no better than trade wars.

Part of the reason I don't like trade wars is because they are merely a method of farming GP independent of your interactions with the guild you are at war with. There is also a known route which generates the best bang for your buck, so strategy is minimal. SnD wars at least add a bit of strategy to the fight (assuming neither side camps), what with the not knowing where your opponent's ships might be at any point. Adding drones into the mix will completely remove the need to do this at all.
Lancer, Pilot of The Silence

"I will not stop ranting until there is nothing to rant about"
Well then the solution is both clear and obvious: guild drones! But you do make a good point, Lancer. Player vs Player isn't the same thing as Player vs Drone.

Oh, how about this. When an S&D war is declared, a specific lane is designated (either chosen by the attackers, or random, or maybe it's a new lane altogether) as the "combat zone." A ship can earn points for simply being in that lane (1 point per second or something easy). That might be a way for a losing guild to continue to accrue points, thus potentially forcing more player interactions from the winners to preserve their lead.
Now that would be a very interesting and fair implementation of S&D wars!
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Having the ability to buy drones as a guild would be an interesting solution. The simplest solution to this problem would be the additional points for staying in space. I would shy away from having a specific lane designated as the "combat lane" because that would could take a lot of the "search" out of SnD wars. I would also prevent time spent in the earth and Mars space lanes from counting, as it is easy to "camp" those lanes with enough Engine efficiency.
Lancer, Pilot of The Silence

"I will not stop ranting until there is nothing to rant about"

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