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Sector Updates
This is a list of known issues/fixes that are actively being working on regarding sectors. I'll be updating this as I work on bugs/issues and receive more feedback.

Known issues
  • Known issue where some Firefox users can't join a blockade. 

Planned Changes
  • Will add countdown timer to assault page.
  • Will add assaulting guild info to the system page for active conflicts.
  • Will add pilot level, ship name to the blockade info.
Fixed Bugs / Changes
  • Fixed a bug where any guild member could abandon a sector.
  • Fixed a bug where some Firefox users could not join a blockade. 
  • EDIT: 1/5 - Fixed a bug where EE bonuses were not being applied to non-supporters.
  • EDIT: 1/5 - Fixed a bug where the above EE bug was actually giving non-supporters +90% EE for travel. 
  • EDIT: 1/6 - Guild News & Events pages now have a list of all sector conflicts your guild has participated in.
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