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Combat Mechanic Adjustment
A lively discussion concerning pvp and the apparent ability to set up invincible builds (especially at higher levels) led to the proposal of changing how attack, def, reflect/reduction are calculated.

The current combat attack mechanic is as follows:

Bonus = guild bonus + crew + ship base + mods
D20 + RANGE* (1/2 bonus, bonus)
*Range means a random number between the two comma-separated amounts.

A D20 is rolled and then a random number between 1/2 your total attack bonus and your total attack bonus is added to that D20 roll. That number is compared to your target's defense roll, which is the same, except with their def attribute in place of the attack one. 

The 'issue' this creates is that with a high enough defense, the 1/2 defense bonus, which becomes are guaranteed minimum roll, can end up being more than the attacking ship's max attack roll. This possibility becomes more possible with higher end Outland mods, especially the tier 500 ones. Combat comes a static formula that a player has to follow to ensure they're never hit with an attack, let alone defeated.

The proposed adjustment to the combat mechanics would replace the RANGE (1/2 bonus, bonus) with RANGE (1,bonus). This would remove the possibility of ensuring an unbeatable build, and would add more variables into combat which I think would be good. 

But it would only apply to installed mods. Additionally, your ship would get the full ship base, crew, and guild bonus. I would re-add the pilot level to the roll (it was removed months ago) This shift would make guild bonuses, crew, and ship class attributes more valuable as they would raise the floor of your attack/def rolls.

So the new mechanic would be:
Bonus = [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]guild bonus + crew + ship base + Pilot Level[/font]
D20 + Bonus + RANGE (1, total attack mod)

So for example, if you're a level 20, with +1 atk guild bonus, 0 crew, in a standard fighter (+7), and you've got +100 attack in mods, your attack roll would be:
d20 + 28 + RANGE(1,100)

Your attack roll would be anything between 30-148

Moving on to Damage Reduction and Damage Reflection. It was proposed that the same RANGE mechanic be added to DR, allowing for more swing. Starting Feb 1, the PVP combat mechanic will be adjusted to the above formula. We'll spend Feb with this formula and then discuss if we want to make it a permanent change.
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This update is now live for the PVP system.
Gem Developer
[N8] is my homeboy

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