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[Suggestion] Titanoships (PvE) & Gigantoships (GvE)
I'd like to propose a new type of enemy suitable for a PvE: the Titanoship.

The idea is to have a hugely massive big slow ship with 0 shield but with 1m+ armor and 100 (or so) damage per counterstrike. 
  • Anyone can attack the titanoship.
  • They only appear once a month or so.
  • It takes approx 30 to 60 min (random?) to approach the titanoship to be close enough to attack it.
  • Once you're defeated, you get kicked back to outside the attack distance.
  • You can attack as many times as you want.
  • The encounter mechanism can easily be adapted to this scenario.
  • Hacking attacks are translated into damage.
  • The total amount of damage you made is recorded as a percentage down to 5 digits. eg 500 dmg vs 1m armor = 0,0005%, 10k dmg = 0,01%.
  • Damage reduction is active, damage reflection isn't.

Once the titanoship is defeated, every participant will get their damage percentage of the total monetary bounty (eg $1b).

Similar to the Titanoship is the Gigantoship which is one 10th of the Titanoship but only accessible by GvE

Yeah, it would be Gemini's version of a monsterboss!  Cool

Come to think of it: the monsterboss doesn't necessarily need to be in the form of ships. They could also be gigantic out-of-system asteroids with a reflective (ice) layer which explains their counter attack Big Grin
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Love it! Planning this out....with a twist Wink
Gem Developer
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I had a similar idea. "Wild Bosses"

Possibly something akin to Destroyer of Worlds (I wouldn't know, I'm not there yet) - "Smaller" Bosses with special drops.

Larger "Real" Bosses that takes multiple players to kill. Powerful enough for all types to contribute - raw fisticuffs (lasercuffs?) for Attackers, shield-regen hacking by Scouts, and deliveries from Freighters (mines that do damage? hmm). Once a week, triggered or randomly spawned within a certain timeframe. Anyone can join in for fun - XP and "points" that can be exchanged for stuff. Bonus XP, points and drops for damages ending with "69", top hitters, top hackers, top deliveries, most criticals, final hit etc.

Everyone can get material drops. Materials for crafting mods. Random mods, perhaps with a few unique mods with special pre-determined material inputs, so that we dont have all lvl 60s equipped with the same layout. Your individual drops are worthless by themselves. Trade, buy or collectively use them as a Guild to craft special mods or upgrade special Guild Wonders/Buildings that can give different boni.

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