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Offense Items
Offense Items
    1.  EMP charge
          a.  temporarily disables 1 random mod on target ship for X number of turns
          b.  higher tiers can disable longer or more mods 
          c.  highest tier has chance to disable mod until ship is "repaired"

     2.  Armor piercing rounds 
          a. Has chance to damage armor even if shield remains intact
          b. Higher tier can do more damage with a high chance of success

     3.  Engine damper
          a. reduce chance for target escape.

I also think some sort of torpedo or missile that you do not have to enter combat to use would be awesome. You could just launch it at someone in the same lane as you.
My thought is that is would work off missile targeting vs player evasion. 
Damage done and targeting of missile would scale with level of missile.
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