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Defense Items
Defense Items

  1.  EMP Charge 
       a. disable random mod on target ship for X turns
       b. higher rarity enhances these traits

  2.  Shield "extender"
       a.  gives an immediate temporary increase in your shield
       b. i.e. you have 1k shields, you use an extender and now you have 1.5k for 3 turns
           if you take less than 500 damage in 3 turns you shield returns to the original 1k value
           if you take more than 500 your boost is gone and you are using your original shield
        c. Higher rarity can modify the amount of boost or the duration of the boost

  3.  Mines
       a. These are a "passive" item that is haphazardly jettisoned from your cargo hold in hopes of disabling your attacker
       b. These items have a very small chance to detonate close to the ship that launched them
       c.  Ideally they fly into the flight path of your attacker and detonate when they are "close enough"
       d.  Occasionally these items do not detonate and float off into the space lane for some other unlucky (or lucky?) pilot to "Find"
            i.  potential for new class of "mine sweeper" mod that can recover lost mines 
            ii. defense?
            iii.  Profit?
Those all sound very cool, but I had a few more suggestions as well

Nanite Charges- Allow for repair of armor inflight

Blink Drives are able to be activated during battle

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