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Ship Abilities
During a heated debate on discord about scouts being underpowered, I mentioned that scouts could have a special perk that they could activate, making them completely invisible to scans. This "Cloak" idea quickly inspired me to make a lot of ideas for more abilities for all the ship classes. Ship specific abilities have been mentioned quite a few times, and I figured while combat was being discussed I would expand on the idea. Here are the basics.

There were a few ideas on how to actually get these abilities, but here was one that sounded the most reasonable.
On Gem, maybe other planets too, there is a ability store. To buy an ability, you need to spend ability tokens, which are obtained by winning missions. (Credit to BobOjmdg for this idea)
The shop will have abilities available based on what ship you have, and possibly other abilities based on what faction you pledged to.

You can only equip one ability at a time. Once equipped, they can be activated, but some might give passive perks. The current abilities that each class could get are as follows:

-Tank (Can be activated during a battle with multiple allies. Like threat, it will force enemies to attack it before others, working on both NPCs during encounters, and player fleet battles. Also possible defense increase.)
-Bunker (While activated, the ship using it becomes invincible for a certain time, at a loss of EE. Can be used during battle, but also while in space lanes.)
-Supplied (Use this ability to refresh all consumable items used during battle. Does not work on Blink Drives.)

-Cloak (While activated, the ship becomes invisible to scans. It also can't be targeted during group battles, like the opposite to the Tank ability, until the other ships in battle have been destroyed.)
-Sabotage (Use in battle, completely shuts down a ship for a certain time.)
-Overclock (Activated during battle, healing/buffing allied ships.) 

-Stolen (Temporarily increase cargo hold to fit stolen items, but only works on items looted from players and drones, not hacked.) 
-Locked (While intercepting, ignore any evasion to automatically intercept. But has a cooldown.)
-Conflict (Activate to increase crit chance/damage) 

These ideas are very work in progress, so input and balancing and ideas for other abilities are all welcome. Tell me what you think
I'm thinking that the ability store could be an unused part of Gem, and then at level 20, you can play a story to activate the ability store and get an ability point/token to unlock your first ability. At level 40 and 60, perhaps you could get the ability point/token just by doing the main story and upgrading your ship?

Also, there's the issue of rep ships. Do you unlock all the abilities of that class when you buy a rep ship of that class, or do you do have to do something to unlock the abilities?

Shark you also mentioned pledging to a faction would let you get more abilities from that faction
I'd assume at level 60 you would be able to buy every type of ability, if you bought a fighter and freighter rep ship. You might also be able to get the tokens from special missions. I like the idea of progression over level, and combining it with abilities is a cool idea.

And yes, I had a few ideas over pledged faction abilities

Like "Defender", an Earth buff which increases your defense, as well as your allies
or a mars attack one, etc
Well at level 60, you can use a ship of a certain type to access that class' specific daily missions, these new tokens which we can trade in for abilities could work in a similar way.

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