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[Suggestion] Class Balancing Proposal
1) Scout Processor requirements:
Currently all non PvP hacking for scouts is 5 processor, but PvP hacking is 10 Processor. To give scouts more of an edge in their field this PvP cost could be lowered to 5 processor.

2) Fighter energy requirements:
Currently fighters have little advantage, they have less trading than freighters and no hacking bonus of the scouts nor an attack bonus. This leaves them at a disadvantage. A 5 energy cost for attacks (both PvP and NPC) could help fighters in their role.

Many feel that gem is currently freighter dominated, trading can net huge amounts of XP but the best deals are only open to freighters. With XP buffs to hacking and attacking and costs lowered for the specialist class this can help even up levelling time/effort.

3) Incentive:
Even with the XP buffs more incentive will be required to provide both old and new players with a reason for PvP, at the moment the biggest barrier to this is cargo shielding. It effectively nullifies all effects of attacks and hacks making these play styles not worth the effort.

Cargo shielding rebalance:
Instead of cargo shielding being an absolute value, the best way to balance it is as a roll. The aggressor will have a cargo scanning attribute to discover cargo (i.e. having a scanner that detects the inert cargo not just the bright energy signitures of ships). Before attaking/hacking players could see an overview of the defender's hold. Margins are relative to the cargo scanning roll to stop level 60 players from ovwr benefiting if they attack a level 11 player.
Roll win margin overview:
Roll margin of winning of cargo scan roll is:
Less than 0%: No data
1% - 25%:
Amounts of cargo held in hold. I.e.: 5  units of cargo detected.
26% - 50%:
Agressor sees size and export locations of items. I.e.
3 small items      | 4 earth items
2 medium items | 1 mars item
                      --5 total--
51% - 100%:
Full breakdown: i.e.
1× military mod frame: medium size, mars export
1× radiation suits: medium size, earth export
3× water: small size, earth export

This will tell attackers if it is worth it to attack a target or not.

Once a target has been defeated, the amount of cargo they can loot or space is found as follows:
Hold multiplier = roll win margin ÷ cargo scan roll
If hold multiplier > 0.75, set it to 0.75
Likewise ensure that it is at least 0
Items available to take = hold multiplier × num items in hold.
The 0.75 multiplier cap will stop attackers completely draining a hold to ensure that trading stays viable.

4) To ensure that this new system doesn't tip the balance of classes too far, there could be either a 5× buff to either freighter defense or base freighter hit points. This would allow them to withstand weaker attacks to prevent their cargo from being stolen, and also represent their nature as larger ships being able to withstand punishment from asteroids and piracy.
1) scout has a bonus to hack rating (with the exception of Wasp), I'm not sure about lowering PvP hack cost had much of effect for lvl 60 player but for lower levels it might be worth it. I also think it would be better to change PvP hack cost to be related to difference in hack rating between target and ship attempting hack, when halved cost would be possible only if You had serious advantage (for example hacker rating is 2x>target hack rating).

2) I agree. After getting my lvl up to 60 and buying crusader I was expecting to see something like this.

3) I'm not PvPer and I do like to have option to shield all of my cargo, this is very useful during SD war or vs players who like to play role of the pirates. I would not mind if cargo shielding was changed in a bit different way:
*each ware has cargo shielding multiplier, indicating how hard is to secure it in cargo hold.
*cargo shielding changed to % value, 100% means cargo hold full of wares with multiplier 1 is fully shielded. Examples:
Ship is full of energy cells which have multiplier of 1, with 100% cargo shielding all of it is shielded.
Ship is full of hydrogen which has multiplier of 2, with 100% cargo shielding only half of it is shielded.
Ship is loaded with hydrogen and energy cells (50:50), with 100% cargo shielding hydrogen is shielded, energy cells are not (it makes sense to protect more valuable cargo 1st).

Going over 100% cargo shielding value would simply increase ship ability to protect its cargo.

4) Freighters are supposed to be good at tanking damage and trading. With changes above I would simply add bonus to cargo shielding %.
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