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[Ticket] Rude and annoying behavior
Hello Game Master.

I have to report a continuous problem with a player with the name Raz.
I started to drain my ship several times and i asked him to stop.
But he did not and than I warned him to stop or I would shot his ship (king).
But he continued draining and tried to hack my ship and yesterday evening I found him and shot his ship.
Told him he was a warned person and demand he stop his bad behavior.
Now he drained my ship again and so I attacked his ship.

With this I send you screenshots of the global chat and message he wrote to me.

I hope you can and end this.
So I can continue to play this game with pleasure as I did.

Hope to hear from you.
Starbuster ( Anton)

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Thank you for the report. I have handled it.
Lancer, Pilot of The Silence

"I will not stop ranting until there is nothing to rant about"
Thank you Lancer for your time and effort. Will see the next few days if it has stoped.
I won't provoke him and leave him alone.

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