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That One Rant Series (S2, E4): That One Wasp Rant (Sad Scout Noises)
Its been a long time coming, and here it is. Now that I have obtained the Wasp scout shuttle I will unleash everything I have held back on for so long. As per usual I mean no offence to our hardworking Dev who puts a ton of effort into Gemini Station.

The Wasp is worse at everything than every other ship made available at lvl 60 at anything you may care to think about doing. The one exception to this rule is shield boosting in encounters, but as that ability is far outweighed by both the damage that the drones on the other side deal, the usefulness of damage reduction/reflection, the recharge rate on shields and the general need for damage output on the players side...well you can see that it isn't a good stat at the moment. I will be outlining the flaws of this insect of GEM and my ideas to fix them.

(preface) Purpose:
What is the purpose of the wasp? it is important to clarify this as it will greatly influence how this rant will go. It is, in essence, a support shuttle. More specifically, it was designed to be a support ship for encounters. Now before all you scouts start getting up in arms about being a traitor, I will point you to our great and mighty Dev to affirm that he did state that the wasp was "More a healer-scout than a PvE scout" and "The Wasp is more for encounters" (cite: string of DMs with Nor complaining about the stats of the Wasp). This is nothing new, as when the wasp was first introduced to the game is was called a healer ship by Nor in the general server. With that clarified, allow me to continue.

1. Mod Slots:
This is the most blatant issue that stood out to me as looked over my new acquisition. There is an unspoken standard for reputation ships for the number of mod slots, but this ship isn't having any of it. While literally every other rep ship has 20 total mod slots, the wasp has only 15. This poses a huge problem as this means the wasp's long term functionality is reduced compared to the other ships as it has a lesser ability to scale with updates in the future as more mods are added in. There isn't much more to say about this issue as I have no idea what a Wasp with a full set of mod slots would look like.

To fix this issue I would set the number of mod slots to 20, and then completely rework the number of mod slots that went to each category. Its a 25% increase of mod slots, so I can pretty much guarantee that there will be a noticeable difference in the Wasp's performance.

2. Shield Boosting:
I'm separating this from the rest of the base stats as this is the Wasp's prime ability according to the Dev, and because of how utterly useless (sorry Nor) this ability is. Ironically this issue is less about the Wasp itself (although its lack of mod slots doesn't help much) and more about the game in which the wasp is placed. Put simply: there is no need for anyone to use this ability. In fact, having this ability can hurt more than it helps. There are a couple of very good reasons for this: 1) Shield boosting generates threat which can cause problems for the booster if their entire loadout is made to boost shields, 2) There is no good loadout for shield boosting that can match the damage output of opposing drones, 3) There is no boosting loadout that can surpass the value of self based shield regeneration, and 4) Using a shield boost loadout drastically decreases the total amount of damage done by a ship. 

As it stands shield boosting is surpassed in every way by a combo set of damage reduction, damage reflect, and shield regen mods. Not only can this combo keep each combatant going longer, but it does so without forcing them to loose too much damage or use up turns to replenish a single combatant's shield pool. Add the fact that relying on a designated healer would cause a single point of failure to form, and you can see why self healing is seen as superior. Because it very much is.

My solution is either to boost the shield boosting capabilities/mods by a massive degree or reduce the effectiveness of the current meta of self healing enough that healers become relevant. I will go on record saying that it is usually better to buff than to nerf (except for cargo shielding, as that is the most broken combat mechanic  FITE ME), but I think something needs to be pared down a bit if the Wasp is to be able to fulfil its role.

3. Base Stats:
Ah yes, the part of the rant where I compare the other base stats of the wasp with those of the T4 scout ship and complain about how the scout class needs all the buffs in the world. Why does a ship made for healing have more attack than a ship that is designed to at least have some combat ability? I can see why it has the highest base speed ever, but does it need a three times the attack of an average scout if all it is made for is to heal? I guess that really isn't too important in the large scheme of things, but looking into the distribution of the base stats may be important in order to keep the lore straight, as some of them are...strange.

All in all the wasp is a broken ship, even if you don't include the shield boosting issue. Like all scout ships it suffers from the fact that one (or more) of its base stats are rendered useless either because they are underpowered or because something else is overpowered. Speaking of scouts I can almost hear them saying things like "Why didn't you say anything about intel/hacking/evasion? Are you betraying us?". No, no I'm not. I have merely covered all these topics before in previous rants, and going over them again while nothing major having changed will sorta be like beating a dead horse. I am sure that the addition of five mod slots will drastically change the way that the Wasp least I hope it does.
Lancer, Pilot of The Silence

"I will not stop ranting until there is nothing to rant about"

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