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[Wiki] Mod List
Like the title suggests. A Mod List on the wiki that shows all the mods in the game. Idk how you would go about this but this sounds cool to me.
This is 100% in the plans. I'm going to have it set up as a searchable database. Kind of like World of Warcraft's armory, if you've played. It'll show all the mods and where they can be obtained.
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I do not think would be entirely possible. Wiki Markup Language does not have a database built-in and getting around 20K mods to be listed on the wiki would be next to impossible. One would have to create a bot that automatically edits a page and adds that info and that is beyond my skill level. I am the Wiki Master and the main person behind everything the wiki does, so i can clearly say that this won't be happening on the wiki.


I have had a side project on the side I was working with Noresist awhile back that was put on hold. Its a Mod List Tree, but there has got to be a lot of modifications because there have been some changes since I worked on it. If and when Noresist wants to pick up that Mod Tree Project again (Ofc when he has the time to work on it, because we were thinking to integrate it into the website) then we probably will be making an announcement on it.

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