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Gemini Times (10/5/2021)
Gemini Times
The Hunt for Galactic Fragments is Going Wild!
Players from all over gem are racing to collect these Galactic Fragments. Multiple players have confirmed that they not only have the first fragment, but the second one as well. It seems that once someone figures out how to get a fragment the secret travels amazingly fast. However, even with the speed of these secrets, Noresist has been remarkably quiet. The only clue he has given is: "Ilnpu ha aol zahyz". This translates to, "begin at the start" (translation provided by Lancer). Even with Noresist's tight lips, rumor has it that there is a connection between the first of these fragments and the race called the 24. Any new developments will be covered in issues to come.
Now Hiring!!!
The Gemini Times is looking to hire writers on a part time basis!
Starting pay is $25k-500K per submission depending on length and quality of work!
Just because you submit a story does not mean it will make the paper.
As the owner of Gemini Times I reserve the write to edit/change parts of your submission (once you have been payed).
All credit for stories will go to original writer with the note of original story idea next to ones I feel the need to edit heavily.
Interview With Danse Macabre the First Player to Complete the 24!!!
Q) How does it feel to be the first player to complete the 24?
A) It feels like cheating. Veronika can only do it in about 16 and it took me 12.
Q) What would you do to improve your time on a second run?
A) Get someone to hack boosts. "Scouts like double your speed" -Skye

Q) For lower level players, what advise do you have for completing the 24?
A) Same thing as above: get higher level players to boost you, loan you a Sedna drive, or pull an all nighter draining every drone in sight.
Q) Do you have anything to say about possible connections between the 24 and the Galactic Fragments?
A) Yes! I personally believe that in the second line of the opening statement about mighty deeds. To find all 12 fragments. It requires a feat. The 24 is one of them.
 Your Add Here!!!
Just $10k or 100 intel! 
Space Weather Report:
  • In all lanes: Swarms of space moths continue to plague the system draining pilots engines. We suggest the use of moth traps at all times.
  • Neptune lane: Neptune lane has failed to send in any information. Had to do with their sensor strength being too low or a monster in the hanger bay not sure.
  • Eris: Eris is colder than last time we checked. A ship froze to the hanger and could not leave until it was broken out of the ice.  
  • Mercury: Mercury is warm. Looking at a few ships being hacked to a stop. We still suggest the use of 2,000 heat rating and some hacking mods unless you feel Goat's Luck.
  • Mars: the Dust storms seem to have passed but remain cautious as they could return with out warning. 
  • Earth: I forgot is it a new ice age or global warming? Both? Oh, and in 50 years the planet will be ruined, so everyone listen to those people who say they will fix it!!!
  • Sedna: "Hello. Welcome to the Sedna Research Station. My name is Vincint. I have been programmed for hospitality." This is all we could get him to say. [shrug]
  • Jupiter: Some one disabled all our communications with Jupiter. Something about a person named "Matilda" saying we are not welcome. we hope to have the issue resolved soon.  

October Story Time!
For the month of October I will be accepting Gem/spooky/campfire/fall stories. 
The first of these stories is from journalist for the Gemini News Pilot Shark.
They say in these spacelanes,
There use to be an item.
It went about its business like all items do.
But one day, dev man was not happy.
There were useless items that were repeats.
So he struck down the useless item! He thought it was gone forever, but he hadn't killed the item Completely. 
Its stats and picture were gone, but the empty husk remained to haunt Nor for the rest of eternity. 
Bounty Board!
Target: Virad (60)
Lister: eskeemoo
Price: $100,000 

Reason: !

Target: Virad (60)
Lister: Anonymous
Price: $1
Reason: Pile on!

Target: Noresist (60)
Lister: Anonymous
Price: $0 x10

Target: Raz (25)
Lister: Anonymous
Price: $1
Reason: testificate
I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.

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